Sunday, March 19, 2017

The New One

There are many blogs out there, but how many NY Giants sport card blogs can you tell me there are....ZERO. At least I think that's the case.

Well, no more!

I have decided after many years I would be the first in the blog world to create one and one that I plan on sticking to on a weekly basis. It won't be like The Card Bin, That 90's Sport Card Blog and Hampton Cardboard Craze. This blog I am actually going to post on.

I have been working on this for a few weeks and already have a few posts up.

There will be new cards, old cards and features on there you won't see on Sport Card Collectors. So give it a follow, add it to your blogroll and give it a try. I promise to stick with this project this time.

As for the other three blogs I mentioned above, I will post randomly from time to time random cards on those so don't give up completely on those. I will however put full-time into Sport Card Collectors and partial time into the new blog I will link below. The other three will be very hit and miss on new posts.

Here is the new blog and link to it. Give it a read from what's already been posted including an introduction and stay tuned for new posts on there including lots of cool cards.

new blog is.....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Card Bin's Random Card:2014 Flair Showcase Jersey Card John Elway

Don't Be A Dimwit, Check Him Out!

I would normally post this on my Sport Card Collectors blog, but that blog is pumping out three posts today and two more tomorrow, so instead, I am posting on here.

But, I strongly suggest you go check out The Daily Dimwit blog that has returned. I know I have and I have now added him to my blogroll for future reads.

And as an added bonus besides great reading material, check out the contest he is hosting as well. You can find that HERE.

So don't be a dimwit and give him a read!


If you haven't heard yet, Sport Card Collectors blog is hosting an MLB Pick Em promotion where you can win monthly and World Series prizes from BCW Supplies and from Topps.

You can join in on the fun and tell others on this link:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017