Thursday, May 4, 2017

2016-2017 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Bounty Info

This years edition of Sp Authentic will have you bounty hunting.

Upper Deck has innovated once again and introduced a new program called Upper Deck Bounty. 

It's closely related to the program they use on their e-pack where consumers collect a certain amount of cards and unlock an achievement award which upgrades their current cards.

In this program, you bust open packs of 2016-2017 Sp Authentic to find the Spectrum FX cards. You should find one or two of those per box on average. However, some Spectrum FX are tougher to pull then others. So it will be set collecting, but in a very challenging and rewarding way.

On the back of those cards, you will find a scratch off. Scratch it off to reveal a code you will enter on the website. After you enter all 99 codes, you will earn card #100 for free. It's a biggie because it's someone named Auston Matthews.

However, be one of the first 50 collectors to input all of their 99 cards, you will unlock an exclusive 100 card Spectrum FX gold parallel set numbered to...well 50.

Here is what the Spectrum FX cards look like you will be bounty hunting:

What are your thoughts on this new program? 

Let me know below!


  1. If I read this right, by whatever means possible, you collect all 99 different cards, scratch the backs and then enter the codes to get the elusive Matthews? So the other 99 cards you have for your so called set, all have the backs scratched off? Who would want the scratched off backs in their collection? The concept is there but, needs better execution.

    1. Totally agree. I would have pre printed the codes on. But I guess if you aren't going to do the chase it's best to leave the card unscathed