Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Heroes Day 1

Here are key players from last night's action that helped their teams to victory!

Jake Allen helped lead the Blues to a 2-1 victory with his 51 saves!

Karlsson  scored the game winner in OT for his teams win over the Oilers

Lundqvist shutout the Candians for his 10th playoff shutout.
Fleury made an impressive step in after stepping in for Murray who was injured during warmup making 31 saves and helping the Penguins to victory

Marchand scored the go ahead goal for the Bruins with minutes remaining in the game

Keep an eye out on these guys in Game 2 and more. Big things could happen. Grabbing a few of their Upper Deck cards right now may not be a bad decision before prices are driven up.

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