Thursday, January 15, 2015

Goodbye The Card Bin And That 90's Card Blog

After the current contest ends on here, this blog and That 90's Sport Card Blog will no longer exist. I am deleting them. All of my future focus will be solely on Sport Card Collectors. If you have not checked out that blog yet or started following it, please do so.

As for the posts, they are all on Sport Card Collectors now and I don't see the point of keeping open this blog or the 90's one when I never post on them. Not to mention, all of this content is on there and the content from that 90's as well. They are also being posted NEW the same as they were on here.

For contests, I will plan on other ideas for those. They WILL NOT be however on Sport Card Collectors as that is strictly now for only sport card posts. I want you coming there to read about sport cards and not just enter contests. I am currently working on a giveaway plan.

Thanks for your understanding and please remember to go check out Sport Card Collectors if you haven't yet and add them to your blog read list, follow them or sign up for email.

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