Saturday, December 20, 2014

NEW Contest Rules


This will be the new place that contests from Sport Card Collectors will be held. You didn't just think I would stop giving stuff away because I am revamping that blog did you?

On Sport Card Collectors, I would always list what the rules were for each contest. However, on here, the rules will exist only in this post so make sure when entering a contest that you revert back to this post for all rules. If there is a failure to follow a rule, you will be disqualified of the prize.

Most of the rules that were on Sport Card Collectors will remain intact. But, due to an incident, I will not speak of what the incident was or who it was, I will have to add a few new ones as you will notice. There is also a new contest format as well.

RULES: (Failure to follow will disqualify you for all prizes and future prizes)
  1. All contests, unless noted, will be OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY. Sorry about this, but shipping costs are too high.
  2. You will have seven days to claim a prize once you have been announced as a winner. If not claimed, the prize will come back to Sport Card Collectors to be re-given away in a future contest.
  3. Your prize will be shipped within a couple of days of receiving your info.
  4. Your prize will be shipped in an well protected PWE without tracking unless noted. Costs to send things out continue to go up. Remember, these are FREE CARDS.
  5. Sport Card Collectors WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN MAIL OR DAMAGED MAIL.With only one "supposedly" lost package in three years, the odds of you getting your mail day are VERY HIGH especially after the hundreds of packages that have arrived safely. Sport Card Collectors can decide to mail you another package of EQUAL VALUE (this may not mean equal players just value) IF for some reason you don't get it, but it doesn't mean it will happen.
  6. One more time, remember that these are FREE CARDS I am giving away. I don't have to give anything away but I do it for the hobby. So any complaints about the cards or about the giveaways gives Sport Card Collectors the right to ban you from winning or entering future contests.
If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to email them to me at Make sure to put RULES in the subject line.

  1. The decision I made was to do away with the challenging contests as it was taking too much time to figure out a winner. There will be now a new format that's as easy as pie.
  2. Once a month or every other month, I haven't decided, a card or a lot of cards will be up for grabs. 
  3. You may enter up to twice a day, entries must be a few hours apart, for that lot of cards. The entry will be as easy as commenting with the word "HI" or whatever you want to say for the day. You may also be asked to comment on a Sport Card Collectors article as well with an actual comment. (this applies to ONLY Sport Card Collectors contests, when a Player Of The Day one happens, that will be different)
  4. The contest will run for the entire month so you will get a good stack of entries going if you really want that card or lot of cards.The BONUS of having a ton of entries for these contests is, at the start of a contest I will set a number amount of entries I would like to see. If, we hit that number or exceed it, an random autographed card from 2013 Fleer Retro football will be thrown into the winners PWE along with the prize.
  5. A random winner will be chosen from ALL of the entries and be announced at the beginning of the next month. 
  6. The winner will be announced ONLY on here. So make sure you check in or you may miss it.
 If you have any questions about the new contest format, please email with them. Make sure to put CONTEST FORMAT in the subject line.

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