Monday, December 1, 2014

From Blogtirement To NEW CHANGES!

For about a year and a half now, I have been making changes to improve Sport Card Collectors for my readers. These attempts have gone from A to Z including even trying to branch off from Sport Card Collectors.

First, I kicked off the new year and started a new weekly lineup card for the blog where there was a day for everything. One day was to Caption a card, next three were Cards Of The Week from Topps, Upper Deck and Panini, then was a 90's card day and a Hobby Topic and a random day to end the week. I thought that maybe a set schedule would work best for my blog as I see it works for other blogs. Come to find out, not really. I then thought I could adjust the schedule and add new fun things in three different times. Didn't work. I just wasn't feeling that great about Sport Card Collectors anymore. It didn't help that I wasn't getting too much sponsorship help from Panini, the views were up and down, it was starting to feel like a promotional blog and not a place of info or fun stories and it seemed that the only reason people viewed it were for the contests. Which was not at all why I started blogging. I blogged to share my fun, experiences and knowledge of the hobby. If people were only coming to view the contests, then why do I spend hours at a time typing up stuff and uploading pictures?

I then thought, hey, why not dig back into why I started collecting. The 90's! Maybe that will catch everyone's attention if there was a blog specifically about the time I started collecting and that's when I created That 90's Sport Card Blog. I was able to share my passion for a time and era I started collecting. It was fun, but was too much to keep up with along with Sport Card Collectors. Once again, I was back to where I started.

Time went on and I still didn't have any feelings change about Sport Card Collectors and was possibly on the brink of blogtirement until I created this blog, The Card Bin. This was a place where there were NO contests and I could just share my personal passion of the hobby and unlike That 90's Sport Card blog that was solely dedicated to 90's cards, with The Card Bin I could spread the love! It was working pretty well, however, once again, I found it to be too much to keep up with Sport Card Collectors.

So I was stuck again.

Even though I didn't have the feelings I once had for Sport Card Collectors, I still put up daily posts for you to view. Some of you are probably wondering by now why I just didn't get rid of the blog and focus on one of the two newer ones instead, well, I just couldn't. I worked very hard to build up Sport Card Collectors to where it is and I have all of the views to prove it. I also couldn't forget that many knew the blog by it's name and even my idea of a name change couldn't fix it.What was I going to do?!?!

So, it was about the middle of the Player Of The Day promotion when I came up with a new idea. One final idea. I would flip everything upside down.

So at some point in January 2015, here is what's going to happen.
  1. ALL of the old posts from Sport Card Collectors will be coming HERE, The Card Bin. I want a new fresh start. There is a lot of older posts I don't really like that I did when I first started blogging and there are a ton of older contest posts I just want to move out of there. I want to create a blank sheet and build from there.
  2. There will be very little contests if any at all. When and if there is a contest, it will be held on this blog.
  3. Sport Card Collectors will be transformed into a place where I can blog about sports cards. My pickups, my PC, trades, reviews, breaks and of course the 90's. The stuff I have always wanted to blog about since I started blogging. There will be more knowledgeable insightful opinionated posts as well. I want to be like the other sport card bloggers and be treated like an equal. I want to build my sports card blog as just that.
  4. There will be different tabs/pages for you to view and a little bit of a different look on Sport Card Collectors.
I know with my new ideas, I can finally do what I have been trying to do for years. I just want to blog and have fun. I think I can finally accomplish that without losing what Sport Card Collectors was all about.

Hope you guys can understand these upcoming changes and I hope to see you coming to check out the new changes when they come or if you haven't ever checked out Sport Card Collectors I welcome you to. I would love to also see all of you become a member or subscribe to the blog! Would mean a lot!

Here is the current Sport Card Collectors blog if you would like to check it out:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, change is a constant, and we all have to adapt/adjust if we want to survive in this crazy world. Good luck to you in 2015. May your journey continue.


    JayBee Anama

    1. Thanks James! I hope you come and check it out yourself. I just thought it was time for me to finally have the blog I have always wanted. One final change to make it everything I have always wanted it to be!