Monday, September 1, 2014


Dear The Card Bin Reading Family, 

It has recently come to my attention how much time it takes to run more than one sports card blog. Yes, I should have realized the past three years how much time and effort it takes me just to do Sport Card Collectors. But nope, didn't hit me I guess. I just wanted to do more. So I tried. I tried The Football Briefing a blog about the NFL. FAIL. Not enough readers and time for the work. Then attempted at resurrecting 90's collecting with That 90's Sport Card Blog. FAIL. Once again not enough readers and too much time. Now sadly I must say The Card Bin will be on this list, not because it failed or didn't get a decent amount of readers, its just because I don't have the time to run two blogs. With Sport Card Collectors being the much bigger blog, I had to cut ties with this one.

By now you are probably wondering what's going to happen to all of the posts on here..FRET NOT my friends! Everything I have started here will carry over to Sport Card Collectors!!! So now Sport Card Collectors has it's own posts, some 90's posts and now the posts from here added to it that will hopefully all blend together like a masterpiece. It should cover the best of all worlds. So if you enjoyed Griffey Cards Of The Week, Randle Cards Of The Week, The Card Bin neat finds, the finale of The Baseball Card Yard Sale Posts and opinion stories and ideas...there is only one place you can find all of these now...Sport Card Collectors!!! So if you are a follower of this blog, subscriber or however you find this blog on a daily basis. Please go to that blog and do the same!!

In closing, I wanted to state that this was a hard decision to make. This blog brought in a fast crowd, the views weren't nearly that high (in comparison to Sport Card Collectors) but were much higher than any of my other 2nd blog attempts. I think this may have been something great down the road which is why I am leaving it on the web and not deleting it. For now it's simply retired, but you never know when this blog could pull a Brett Favre if I can find more free time.

I also wanted to note before I say farewell on here, that I didn't want to make this decision alone as I went to Twitter and to Facebook to find opinions on what I should do. For the most part there were blank answers (that alone was concerning), but the ones who did respond, were in agreement that this was the best idea.

So for now, farewell The Card Bin. It was a fun ride while it lasted. At least you are not going completely away as there is still more of you to come on Sport Card Collectors. I hope the ones who enjoyed you so much on here, give you a follow on there as well. If not, they will miss out on great stuff to come.


Here is a predicted lineup of how The Card Bin will fit into Sport Card Collectors:

Here is the schedule already on Sport Card Collectors
  • Mondays: Either a CAPTION THIS card or You Might Be A Card Collector If....(these are some of the most popular posts on here)
  • Tuesday: Topps Card Of The Week
  • Wednesday: Panini Card Of The Week
  • Thursday: Upper Deck Card Of The Week
  • Friday: That 90's Card/That 90's Mail Day
  • Saturday: Hobby Topic
  • Sunday: FILLER DAY (this will be a day for mail day shout outs, NPN, Reviews, Hobby Break 'Em, Retail Break 'Em, etc)
I plan at this point throwing in posts every Sunday for The Card Bin. However, I may do double posts some days and add a Card Bin post. Keep an eye out!

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