Friday, August 1, 2014

Sorting....Accomplished (well most)

Well, at the start of the week, I put up a post where my desk appeared like this:

Now after about a week of sorting, I have narrowed it down to this:

It might have fully caught up if I hadn't run out of page sheets for my binder to put away the last few piles. Gonna have to get some more from BCW to finish this project before more cards arrive.

I was actually quite fast this time with trying to catch up on sorting. But, as all of us collectors know, just because I sorted these and put them away, that doesn't mean they will stay where I put them forever. Cause in this hobby, sorting never ends.


  1. Every time I think I am done sorting I either find another stack somewhere or have bought new cards.

  2. Good god. Looks like plenty of work to be done and filed.

  3. looks like you should start given away some cards instead of takeing all that time to short them. A person could send in a S.A.S.E to get some free cards.

    1. On my Sport Card Collectors blog I give away a lot of these on there :)

  4. One of these days my desk will look like your "after" photo.