Friday, December 7, 2012

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Sometimes here on Sport Card Collectors we go off topic and since the holidays are coming up this sounded like a good topic.

As you prepare for the holidays and the holiday season...we all have some classic movies we have to sit down and watch every year. All of us have different tastes but thought I would share with you my favorite Christmas movies that I have to watch every year.

Product Details How can you not fall in love with this movie??!! This is a classic by any terms and most of us can really feel this movie. A guy wanting a big family Christmas and things take a turn for the worst as he gets a surprise visit from a poor crazy cousin and things don't quite go as he planned including a greedy boss who takes away his Christmas bonus in exchange for something not useful. And many other funny situations along the way. This is a great movie for all (probably not your children though) if you are looking for some laughs. By far the most successful and best National Lampoon Vacation movies. A movie I can quote and watch year round.

Product DetailsAnother great comedy. When a heavy fog settles, a couple who usually vacations around holidays to get away from their crazy families get their flight cancelled and get on TV for their family to see as well. As the title states the couple have to go to four Christmases due to the fact both of their parents are divorced. A fun hilarious ride as they visit each house but realize in the meantime how much family means.

Product Details When I first watched this...I didn't care for it. But gave it another shot and enjoyed it. A baby from an orphanage crawled into Santas sack and was brought to the North Pole where he was raised by Elves but realized he wasn't the same (size as well) since he was human. So he found out from the oldest elf  he had a dad who had brought him to the Orphanage when he was a baby and goes off to NY to find him. Its a fun ride to see how he tries to show his dad love and to prove to him that he is his son the only way an Elf can.

Product Details A twist on an old classic. Which you still have got to enjoy that version as well. But Jim Carrey puts on a great show as the Grinch. They take the usual Grinch story and put a back-story on how he became the Grinch he is as well. With many funny scenes and some adult underlining comedy as well its great for kids small and big.

Product DetailsIt wouldn't be Christmas without watching these classic cartoons. Rudulph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty have been ones I have watched since I was little and since they are on TV every year. These are great family cartoons to watch as well.Because we know the holiday season is about family.

I also have one honorable mention in a Garfield Christmas..another classic and favorite for kids of all ages. And I am sure many of you will ask why the Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life didn't make it on here..but all I can say is that I do like those movies and probably are a Top 10 ones to me...but I prefer these over it.

Which Christmas movies are your favorite and why?

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  1. Yeah I have to agree with you about the Christmas Vacation. That one is a timeless classic. I love that movie and can watch it year after year. The only one that I can't get past is Elf, I try and try but I just can't stand Will Farrel.