Friday, December 21, 2012

#SCC20DaysofChristmas Day Winner Announced!

Congrats goes out to....
Miami Vice who holds onto the win. Please email us at with your address.

And a big thank you goes out to all who participated. We hope you had fun and were challenged. Next months will begin on January 1st. It will run for 20 days just like this one with challenges from the Bowl Games, NBA, NFL, and maybe NHL if it ever returns. As seasons change so won't the sports. The end of the contest will run similar to this one where you are bidding points...however the difference this time will be you will only be able to bid up to 10 points to make things even more interesting. The daily points will still be 2 and 1 with a few twists and bonus points in-between. A prize lot has already been put together and will be posted a few days before the contest. All contest entry headers will say the day such as January 1st, 2013.

And you never know when we might sneak a quick contest in between for fun so make sure you check back. We might not always announce them.

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